Sista' Joy

Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Musician in Chicago, IL

Sista' Joy

Spiritual Healer, Teacher, and Musician in Chicago, IL

Hello and welcome! I am Rev. D. M. Foster, also affectionately known as, simply, "Sista' Joy."

I have walked a spiritual path since receiving a vision by God at the age of four. It has followed me all of my life and I have followed it. Going here, there and everywhere, leaving no stone unturned, trying to find it!

Above all else, my soul has thirsted for spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Through the years, I have studied a countless number of self-help, and spiritual books from the East and West and participated in many religious and spiritual groups and organizations. I studied under the direction of the renowned Metaphysician, Rev. Dr. Johnny Colemon for 20 years and am ordained.

Seeking to understand my own being and to practice the Presence of God through prayer and a contemplative life, I have come to experience great peace, the Divine Presence of God, 'I AM' within myself and a piercing of the veil.

Divine Intervention has often occurred during times of adversity, Angels have appeared before me. and Divine healing and Spiritual Revelations have, also, been given.

How grateful I AM!

Most importantly, as the Great Ascended Masters have said, "There are more things in heaven and earth then man know of," I have been entrusted with the Sacred Wisdom from the Beloved 'I AM" Presence of God and the Great Ascended Masters on the Laws of Life.

Humbled and honored to have been chosen as a carrier of this great light, I seek to share this wisdom with others that they, too, may break the chains of ignorance about themselves, find the light within their own soul and gain the "peace that passeth all understanding."

For the past forty years, I have been an Independent Student of the 'I AM' and the Great Ascended Masters. Having studied and practiced their teachings, I bear witness to the results of this, the greatest truth of mankind's Divinity upon the earth today.

If you are suffering from fear, sadness, health challenges, lack of self-esteem or other spiritual blockages in your life and need guidance, wisdom, and healing, I am here to help you!

I offer 'I AM' Teachings, Music & Guided Meditations, Affirmations, Vision Boarding, Space Clearings, and other spiritual and Personal Development techniques for peace, healing, and prosperity.

My initial exploratory consultation is free and without obligation. If you are in need of spiritual help, I hope you will contact me. I am here to serve you.

We can meet on Skype, by telephone or personal appointment.

Peace Be With You

  • Education
    • University of Illinois, B.A. 1974
If you need guidance in achieving your life goals, believe me, Joy is an excellent coach and mentor to help you. I highly recommend her! Thanks to her wisdom and teachings, I've gained more self-love and self-direction.
It has been a pleasure to work with Sista' Joy! She showed me the true beauty in my own soul and helped me to realize my own greatness. Thanks to her coaching, I am far more confident in my own abilities and proud of the achievements I have made.
What a rare gem Rev. Joy is! I am so thankful for having been mentored by her. If you need a wise, loving and supportive spirit who can help you through the tough times in your life, she is the one who can do it!
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