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Warm, wacky and wise, she’s a bonafide, “Hillbilly, Soul Sista'” from the Appalachian Mountains of West “By God” Virginia and like she likes to say, “I’m dang proud of it!”

Her colorful ways will tickle your funny bone, touch your heart and set your toes to tappin.’

The stories she tells about growin’ up in the hills of West Virginia will give you a vision of what it was like as a little “hillbilly” girl of color, growing up in the shadow of the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains, and what she learned from goin’ in em’.

Through her home-spun stories and cracker barrel humor, she takes you back to the old days when the ice man came around to bring you ice, television had not yet been invented and everyone had what they called a “party” line telephone.

You will hear original stories like, “Old Man Pluggins and His Big Old Shade Tree,” “Peanuts the Bully,” and “No More Mountain Climbin’ For Me!” Also, she will bring you her own observations of life as she’s lived it, along with folk tales, scary tales, legends, myths and history from other parts of the nation and the world.

A yarn-spinner who delights both young and old with her music, stories and inspirational messages, her repertoire will leave you smiling, happy and reminiscing about stories of your own youth.

So put on your seat belt and get ready to fly!

Her Story

Once upon a time, down in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia, there was a skinny little, “tom-boy,” who loved to roam the hills, make “soap-box derbies,” tree swings and play at “make-believe.”

Every mornin’, on her way to school she would spin yarns and tell “cornball” jokes to make her girlfriends laugh. They loved it and always begged for more. She loved it too and was happy to oblige.

Singin’, Actin’ and Comedy were all a part of her dreams. She just loved writin’ and tellin’ stories, crackin’ jokes and “hamin’” it up.

That little girl is all grown up now and she is me, D. M. Foster.  Better known as …

Sista’ Joy

Ha! I’m not so skinny anymore (or young either – lol) but I still have that independent spirit, wacky sense of humor, love for storytellin,’ teachin’ and singin’ and, that childlike wonder of long ago.

Along the way, I’ve even become a county commissioner, ordained minister, been recognized as a “Mover & Shaker” by REDBOOK Magazine, build a large business, taught college and written a book.

I’ve also been fortunate to have met, or been friends with some outstanding Americans along the way.

Just to name a few, (not meanin’ to sound braggadocious) I met, joked and took pictures with Muhammed Ali, “the Greatest,” went swimming in Hugh Heffner’s pool at the Playboy Mansion, sat on a board with the Billionaire Insurance Magnate and author, W. Clement Stone, became friends with Olympic Gold Medal Winner and Illinois Congressman, Ralph H. Metcalf, and organized, set up and managed an office for US President, Gerald Ford.

Wow! What a life I’ve had, and the characters I’ve met, considering the roots from which I’ve come. lol However, even with all of life’s “fame and fortune,” I’m still a

Hillbilly Soul Sista’!

For it was down in those hills and along those country roads, that I first heard music in the air, comedy, and storytelling afoot and Bible thumpin’ goin’ on. Folks, also, loved to do a little jig and take a swig of that “Mountain Dew,” they called “White Lightin,” every now and then.

Like John Denver’s song says, “Country Roads, take me home, to the place where I belong, W.Va., Mountain Mama, take me home Country Roads…”

Well, I have come home to where I belong. It’s my W.Va. Hillbilly roots of singin’, storytellin’, clowin’ and and doin’ a little Bible thumpin’ from time to time, as well.

When I see the smiles and hear the belly laughs of all who listen to my tales from home or my livin’ history stories, it reminds me of bygone days. It makes my heart glad to see folks jump right in to take part in the fun. They always learn somthin’ too.

Some of my venues have included, the Smithsonian Institute, Chicago Public Libraries, Chicago Public Schools, Department of Aging, International Festival of Life, Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago Black Storytellers, Make Music Chicago, Senior Centers, churches, organizations etc. I have been a guest on numerous television and radio shows and was also a Grant Recipient of the City of Chicago Cultural Arts Foundation and the Illinois Arts Council for my Stories about African-American Spirituals, which aired on CAN TV.

Right now, I’m brushin’ up on my old stories and adding new ones that are guaranteed to make you laugh or ponder. The same goes for my inspirational messages.

In the meantime, be sure to listen to my Podcast, The “Hillbilly Soul Sista'” Stories Show. It will uplift your spirit and make you happy! It is listed on Apple and other Podcast Channels.

Well, gotta’ run now, so

I’ll just say, so long. Hope we meet again, “Good Lord Willin’ and the Creek Don’t Rise.”

Whew! Guess I’ve been mighty long-winded, huh? Thanks for puttin’ up with me.

Thank you and may the Good Lord Bless You Real Good!!!


Sista’ Joy




Website: Sista’ Joy

Sista’ Joy (D. M. Foster) has been a Storyteller and Musician for more than thirty years. She is, also, the author of the book, “How to Manifest Your Good.” It can be found on Amazon.