What is the Meaning of Life?

Just thinking about how time passes and we grow up, grow older and grow old. As I look at my picture today, I realize that I have grown old and am now an elder. I think about the meaning of life. I think in the end analysis it is all about what we did to serve others. Who did we help in our life? Did we make a difference in the path that someone else may have taken? Did we try to cheer somebody with a word or a song? Were we faithful until the end?

I know we have all fallen short of the glory of God. We have all faltered and failed, but have we gotten up and tried again? Have we done our best to forgive others and to forgive ourselves? So many unanswered questions in this life, but if we have done our best to be true to the values and spiritual principles that we’ve been taught, if we’ve been as faithful as we could be with all our human frailties and shortcomings, when our time comes to go home, we can rest easy knowing that it is not an ending but, rather, a new and beautiful beginning…

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart and lean not upon thine own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge him and he shall direct thy path. Prov. 3:5

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A Renaissance Woman, D. M. "Sista' Joy" Foster has achieved noteworthy success in politics, business, religion, and the arts. A former Cook County Commissioner, business owner, college professor and artist, she is, also, the author of the popular book, "How to Manifest Your Good," which can be found on Amazon. Joy writes about personal experiences, love relationships, spiritual topics and current events.

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