She’s Still There!

I hear the Katydids singing so loudly and it takes me back to my childhood days in the hills of West Virginia. Right now it is a time between dusk and dark. There is a beautiful sunset of orange, blue and grey that I can see out of my window, and I am glad to still be alive. I feel blessed.

As I sit here listening and looking, my mind goes back to my childhood days when the neighborhood kids and I played “Hide and Seek,” around this time of evening before our parents called us in.

“Five, ten, fifteen, twenty…last night, night before twenty-four robbers at my door. Opened the door and let them in, hit em’ over the head with a rollin’ pen. Ready or not, here I come!”

It was one of my favorite games and I remember how excited I was to find and tag one of the kids. Not sure why I’m reminiscing tonight, but when I heard those Katydids, it took me way back.

Time has flown by so swiftly, I can hardly believe it.

I was a kid then, with a whole life to look forward to. Now, that which was before me, is behind and I am closer to my ending than my beginning.

The funny thing is that, inside, I am still that little girl playing “Hide and Seek” that I was so long ago. She’s still there!

No matter how old I get, that happy child on the inside still has that irrepressible joy. She just keeps on running, jumping, singing, and twirling with glee.

I am so thankful that she never lost that zest for loving and living! With all of the trials and tribulations of this life, she could have so easily taken the wrong path.

However, it was only through the Grace of God, that she kept her feet, mostly, on the path with a heart. The path with the light. A path that kept her spirit and soul intact.

As our former first lady said, “When they go low, we go high.”

This is what has made all the difference in who she is today!

My loving, childlike spirit still sees the wonder and beauty of life. She is still excited, and happy about the adventures she will be embarking upon.

In fact, she comforts me in my old age with these wonderful, peaceful thoughts of love – “Don’t worry, be happy. The best is yet to come.”

How blessed I am to know that she’s still there after all these years and, most of all, that she is my greater self and…the real me.


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A Renaissance Woman, D. M. "Sista' Joy" Foster has achieved noteworthy success in politics, business, religion, and the arts. A former Cook County Commissioner, business owner, college professor and artist, she is, also, the author of the popular book, "How to Manifest Your Good," which can be found on Amazon. Joy writes about personal experiences, love relationships, spiritual topics and current events.

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