Focus On Your Dream!

What is it that you truly desire in your life?

Oh, I know we all have many desires and wants in this world, but if you had to pick just one main goal, what would it be? Mmm, think about that for a moment before you speak, and then write it down and look at your answer.

Is this what you really feel deep down in your soul? Is this a desire or dream that won’t leave you alone? It keeps coming back to you, over and over again? If it is, then you must put your secondary wishes to the side for now if they are not in harmony with your dream and focus totally on it!

In today’s world, everyone says we must diversify. However, I believe when we scatter our energy and attention that way, we become a “Jack of all trades but master of none.” I know this to be true from experience, and I think the key is focus. The old admonition to “put all your eggs in one basket and watch them,” was on target.

If you want to be great, you’ve got to concentrate. If you want to create that career, improve your health or find the love of your life, focus on it! Stop trying to be a multi-tasker. For most of us, this does not work.

Instead, pour all your time, energy and attention upon that single greatest desire and it will grow. You will be amazed. Doors will open that you did not know were there. People will come into your life that you have been wishing for, and you will get closer to what you really want! Attention is one of your greatest powers. It is the magic you have within yourself and you must call it forth with every thing you have to focus on your dream.

This great power awaits your command!

As the great Dr. George Washington Carver said, “anything you love enough will reveal itself to you.” Keep concentrating and focusing all of your energy, love, and attention on your dream and watch what happens…

You will hit the bullseye!

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A Renaissance Woman, D. M. "Sista' Joy" Foster has achieved noteworthy success in politics, business, religion, and the arts. A former Cook County Commissioner, business owner, college professor and artist, she is, also, the author of the popular book, "How to Manifest Your Good," which can be found on Amazon. Joy writes about personal experiences, love relationships, spiritual topics and current events.

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