Love the Second or third time around!

My niece says, “Auntie, even at your age, the men are still runnin’ after you, just like they have all your life!” Ha! I never thought about it that way but, I must admit, she’s absolutely right!

Who would think it at this age? Why, I’m only seventy-three years young, and still can’t beat em’ off with a stick.

Young ones, old ones, middle age ones. Black, White, Asian, Latina, Native American. Mm! Some are good lookin’ with that boyish grin, some are old and crusty, lookin’ like they’re bout’ to meet their maker, and some are bald-headed with stomachs so big, I’d swear they are about to give birth!

Their conversations range from talkin’ about their dead wives, trying to, respectfully, sneak up on the topic of SEX. (Now days, they call it Cyber Sex), or just enjoyin’ themselves as they talk about their favorite topic – themselves!

Of course it’s all online or the telephone nowdays,coupled with the use of your imagination. Touching each other is forbidden unless you’re willing to take a chance on getting the covid virus. I’m definitely not!

Well, to tell you the truth, I don’t think age has much to do with my attracting the opposite sex like I do, nor my looks for that matter. When it comes right down to it, I really think it has to do with my attitude…Yep, if you got the right attitude, self-confidence and think yourself beautiful or handsome; believe me, you’ll attract a boatload of the opposite sex. I’m speakin’ from experience.

Now I’m not talkin’ about attractin’ the ones who are “down and out.” Oh no, honey, you will find yourself talkin’ with the “cream of the crop!” Those who have somethin’ to offer you, more than a bunch of malarky. Leave the dead fish alone cause they’ll stink up your life.

Why, if you get your self together and straighten up your attitude and what you have to offer, you’ll find yourself sittin’ in the “catbird” seat. You can pick and choose who you want! Believe me, I’ve been doin’ it for years. Ha! In fact, I could easily become “Sista’ Love,” your Love Counselor because I am a life-long expert.

Right now, My Lost Love (see my blog) that was so much younger (32 years) has returned and swears to still be madly in love with me. Unfortunately, my “get up and go, done got up and gone,” because my flame has flickered out. He waited too long. It was to little, to late.

You see, another love came into my life a month ago who was 83. He was still spry and good lookin’ too. Even though he was a little old for me, he held great promise.A southern man with good manners, he was a retired lawyer and former federal judge.

Mm, nice “pickins” if you’re looking for marriage or a serious romance. That’s where we got into trouble. You see, I’m not lookin’ for a ball and chain anymore, so when he started talkin’ to me about, “bein’ his woman,” and maybe his wife, I knew it was time for the old girl to “fly the coup.” So, what did I do?

I spread my wings and flew away. My only word now is…NEXT!

Haha…oh the joy of loving. Isn’t that grand?

Well, enough! I’ve let you all in on some of my private business. Ha!

Suffice it to say, that love for you is just a heart-beat away. Your attitude will determine your altitude…the question is “how high do you want to fly?”

Remember, you don’t have to be a “ravin’ beauty,” or the “most handsome man in town.” Just think yourself to be and get your spiritual self in order by first learning to love YOU.

Also, develop that pleasing personality that attracts others to you. Most of all believe in yourself and realize that you are worthy of great love because you are! Believe it and you will receive it.

Oh Cupid is just a waitin’ around the corner for you and he’s got his bow and arrow ready…

Sista’ Joy

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A Renaissance Woman, D. M. "Sista' Joy" Foster has achieved noteworthy success in politics, business, religion, and the arts. A former Cook County Commissioner, business owner, college professor and artist, she is, also, the author of the popular book, "How to Manifest Your Good," which can be found on Amazon. Joy writes about personal experiences, love relationships, spiritual topics and current events.

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