How to invoke The Mystical Healing Power of Trees

During the ancient of days, the holy men lived in the trees and called them ‘Brother Tree.’ They said, “the trees are related to us because their roots sink deeply into Mother Earth and their branches reach upward toward our Heavenly Father. With the same earthly roots, our nervous system and hands lift upward as well.” Considered sacred and called the Tree of Life, the Essences said, “the trees hold the mystery of life and the connection with our eternal source. They also bring healing and strength to our body temple.”

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My Lost Love

Stumbling and falling head-long into a dark web of lies concocted by about 80% of people on dating sights, I joined in. Lying to get attention, I put my age back twenty-three years and touched up my pictures to look more glamorous. It was a big lie! I knew better but I rationalized my actions. I didn’t expect to meet anyone whose mind and spirit were in sync with mine. No one I could love or be loved by. It was virtually impossible. I didn’t expect it to happen now…but it did!

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How Many Times?

The people who realize their visions and dreams are the ones who are willing to fall down the most on their journey to success. They fall down often, but they keep on getting up and trying again with an adjustment each time. It doesn’t matter what others may say or think about them, because their […]

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She’s Still There!

I hear the Katydids singing so loudly and it takes me back to my childhood days in the hills of West Virginia. Right now it is a time between dusk and dark. There is a beautiful sunset of orange, blue and grey that I can see out of my window, and I am glad to […]

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